Swiss 8 – Veterans Walk for Mental Health

From base to base, town to town, our veterans will walk be holding events and sharing this proactive tool.

The Stomp is an event that will bring communities together. Mental ill-health is not a problem unique to veterans. It is an issue facing our entire society.

Along the route we will be pushing social posts, holding live podcasts, filming a documentary and engaging with local communities. We will be driving the message that our veterans are not broken. Veterans have experience with mental ill-health and want to show the public that there are tools available that can help.


Mental ill-health is not a veteran issue. It’s a people issue. Our team of veterans want to build partnerships with communities, health-minded companies, councils and sporting teams around Australia. Join us to drive the proactive mental health message.

View the details for the Newcastle event here.


Volunteer for the Swiss 8 Stomp