Swiss 8

Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity, founded by Australian armed forces combat veterans.

The digital program teaches veterans and civilians alike, how to implement 8 core principles of health and lifestyle. This research-based application (app) is designed to reduce anxiety and help you and your workforce, get motivated and be better at life.

In a world where mental ill-health kills 6 times more soldiers than war, Swiss 8 exists so veterans can stop burying their mates.

To disrupt the current (reactive) mental health care model, Swiss 8 has built a proactive mental health app. The app teaches users to build a healthy routine around 8 aspects of health and lifestyle. Fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, time management, minimalism, personal growth and discipline.

Swiss 8 has partnered with the University of Newcastle to review the app’s rollout and results and continually improve it as an intervention for anxiety and depression.
The app will be free for veterans and available to the general public on subscription. It is available for download now through the AppStore or Google play store.